IBM i® Machine Interface

Instruction name
Arc Cosine (ACOS)
Activate Bound Program (ACTBPGM)
Activate Program (ACTPG)
Add Logical Character (ADDLC)
Add Numeric (ADDN)
Add Space Pointer (ADDSPP)
Allocate Activation Group-Based Heap Space Storage (ALCHSS)
And (AND)
And Complemented String (ANDCSTR)
Arc Sine (ASIN)
Arc Tangent (ATAN)
Arc Tangent Hyperbolic (ATANH)
Atomic Add (ATMCADD)
Atomic And (ATMCAND)
Atomic Or (ATMCOR)
Bit Permute (BITPERM)
Branch (B)
Compute Array Index (CAI)
Call Internal (CALLI)
Call Program with Variable Length Argument List (CALLPGMV)
Call External (CALLX)
Concatenate (CAT)
Compute Date Duration (CDD)
Count Leading Zeros 4 Bytes (CNTLZ4)
Count Leading Zeros 8 Bytes (CNTLZ8)
Check Lock Value (CHKLKVAL)
Cipher (CIPHER)
Clear Bit in String (CLRBTS)
Clear Invocation Exit (CLRIEXIT)
Clear Invocation Flags (CLRINVF)
Clear Lock Value (CLRLKVAL)
Compute Math Function Using One Input Value (CMF1)
Compute Math Function Using Two Input Values (CMF2)
Compare Bytes Left-Adjusted (CMPBLA)
Compare Bytes Left-Adjusted with Pad (CMPBLAP)
Compare Bytes Right-Adjusted (CMPBRA)
Compare Bytes Right-Adjusted with Pad (CMPBRAP)
Compare Null-Terminated Strings (STRCMPNULL)
Compare Numeric Value (CMPNV)
Compare Pointer for Space Addressability (CMPPSPAD)
Compare Pointer for Object Addressability (CMPPTRA)
Compare Pointers for Equality (CMPPTRE)
Compare Pointer Type (CMPPTRT)
Compare Space Addressability (CMPSPAD)
Compare and Swap (CMPSW)
Compare and Swap (CMPSWP)
Compare To Pad (CMPTOPAD)
Complement String (COMSTR)
Cosine (COS)
Cosine Hyperbolic (COSH)
Cotangent (COT)
Compress Data (CPRDATA)
Copy Bytes to Bits Arithmetic (CPYBBTA)
Copy Bytes to Bits Logical (CPYBBTL)
Copy Bytes Left-Adjusted (CPYBLA)
Copy Bytes Left-Adjusted with Pad (CPYBLAP)
Copy Bytes Overlapping (CPYBO)
Copy Bytes Overlap Left-Adjusted (CPYBOLA)
Copy Bytes Overlap Left-Adjusted with Pad (CPYBOLAP)
Copy Bytes Right-Adjusted (CPYBRA)
Copy Bytes Right-Adjusted with Pad (CPYBRAP)
Copy Bytes Repeatedly (CPYBREP)
Copy Bits Arithmetic (CPYBTA)
Copy Bits Logical (CPYBTL)
Copy Bits with Left Logical Shift (CPYBTLLS)
Copy Bits with Right Arithmetic Shift (CPYBTRAS)
Copy Bits with Right Logical Shift (CPYBTRLS)
Copy Bytes with Pointers (CPYBWP)
Copy Bytes (CPYBYTES)
Copy Extended Characters Left-Adjusted With Pad (CPYECLAP)
Copy Hex Digit Numeric to Numeric (CPYHEXNN)
Copy Hex Digit Numeric to Zone (CPYHEXNZ)
Copy Hex Digit Zone To Numeric (CPYHEXZN)
Copy Hex Digit Zone To Zone (CPYHEXZZ)
Copy Null-Terminated String (STRCPYNULL)
Copy Numeric Value (CPYNV)
Create Activation Group-Based Heap Space (CRTHS)
Create Independent Index (CRTINX)
Create Pointer-Based Mutex (CRTMTX)
Create Space (CRTS)
Compute Time Duration (CTD)
Compute Timestamp Duration (CTSD)
Convert BSC to Character (CVTBC)
Convert Character to BSC (CVTCB)
Convert Character to Hex (CVTCH)
Convert Character to MRJE (CVTCM)
Convert Character to Numeric (CVTCN)
Convert Character to SNA (CVTCS)
Convert Date (CVTD)
Convert Decimal Form to Floating-Point (CVTDFFP)
Convert External Form to Numeric Value (CVTEFN)
Convert Floating-Point to Decimal Form (CVTFPDF)
Convert Hex to Character (CVTHC)
Convert MRJE to Character (CVTMC)
Convert Numeric to Character (CVTNC)
Convert SNA to Character (CVTSC)
Convert Time (CVTT)
Convert Timestamp (CVTTS)
Decompress Data (DCPDATA)
Deactivate Program (DEACTPG)
Decrement Date (DECD)
Decrement Time (DECT)
Decrement Timestamp (DECTS)
Dequeue (DEQ)
Dequeue with Wait (DEQWAIT)
Destroy Activation Group-Based Heap Space (DESHS)
Destroy Independent Index (DESINX)
Destroy Pointer-Based Mutex (DESMTX)
Destroy Space (DESS)
Divide (DIV)
Divide with Remainder (DIVREM)
Extended Character Scan (ECSCAN)
Edit (EDIT)
Edit Packed Decimal Source (EDITPD)
Exponential Function of E (EEXP)
End (END)
Enqueue (ENQ)
Ensure Object (ENSOBJ)
Exchange Bytes (EXCHBY)
Extract Exponent (EXTREXP)
Extract Magnitude (EXTRMAG)
Find Byte (FINDBYTE)
Find Character in Null-Terminated String (STRCHRNULL)
Find Independent Index Entry (FNDINXEN)
Find Relative Invocation Number (FNDRINVN)
Free Activation Group-Based Heap Space Storage (FREHSS)
Free Activation Group-Based Heap Space Storage From Mark (FREHSSMK)
Generate Universal Unique Identifier (GENUUID)
Increment Date (INCD)
Increment Time (INCT)
Increment Timestamp (INCTS)
Initialize Exception Handler Control Actions (INITEHCA)
Insert Independent Index Entry (INSINXEN)
Invocation Pointer (INVP)
Copy Numeric Value (LBCPYNV)
Copy Numeric Value (LBCPYNVR)
Logarithm Base E (Natural Logarithm) (LN)
Lock Object (LOCK)
Lock Pointer-Based Mutex (LOCKMTX)
Lock Space Location (LOCKSL)
Lock Teraspace Storage Location (LOCKTSL)
Materialize Activation Attributes (MATACTAT)
Materialize Activation Export (MATACTEX)
Materialize Access Group Attributes (MATAGAT)
Materialize Activation Group Attributes (MATAGPAT)
Materialize Authority List (MATAL)
Materialize Allocated Object Locks (MATAOL)
Materialize Authority (MATAU)
Materialize Authorized Objects (MATAUOBJ)
Materialize Authorized Users (MATAUU)
Materialize Bound Program (MATBPGM)
Materialize Context (MATCTX)
Materialize Dump Space (MATDMPS)
Materialize Data Space Record Locks (MATDRECL)
Materialize Exception Description (MATEXCPD)
Materialize Activation Group-Based Heap Space Attributes (MATHSAT)
Materialize Instruction Attributes (MATINAT)
Materialize Invocation (MATINV)
Materialize Invocation Attributes (MATINVAT)
Materialize Invocation Entry (MATINVE)
Materialize Invocation Stack (MATINVS)
Materialize Independent Index Attributes (MATINXAT)
Materialize Journaled Object Attributes (MATJOAT)
Materialize Journaled Objects (MATJOBJ)
Materialize Journal Port Attributes (MATJPAT)
Materialize Journal Space Attributes (MATJSAT)
Materialize Machine Attributes (MATMATR)
Materialize Machine Attributes (MATMATR1)
Materialize Machine Data (MATMDATA)
Materialize Machine Information (MATMIF)
Materialize Mutex (MATMTX)
Materialize Object Locks (MATOBJLK)
Materialize Program (MATPG)
Materialize Program Name (MATPGMNM)
Materialize Process Activation Groups (MATPRAGP)
Materialize Process Attributes (MATPRATR)
Materialize Process Record Locks (MATPRECL)
Materialize Process Locks (MATPRLK)
Materialize Process Message (MATPRMSG)
Materialize Process Mutex Locks (MATPRMTX)
Materialize Pointer (MATPTR)
Materialize Pointer Information (MATPTRIF)
Materialize Pointer Locations (MATPTRL)
Materialize Queue Attributes (MATQAT)
Materialize Queue Messages (MATQMSG)
Materialize Resource Management Data (MATRMD)
Materialize Space Attributes (MATS)
Materialize Selected Locks (MATSELLK)
Materialize System Object (MATSOBJ)
Materialize Time of Day (MATTOD)
Materialize Time of Day Attributes (MATTODAT)
Materialize User Profile (MATUP)
Materialize User Profile Pointers from ID (MATUPID)
Find Character Constrained (MEMCHR)
Memory Compare (MEMCMP)
Memory Copy (MEMCPY)
Memory Move (MEMMOVE)
Memory Use Hint (MEMUSEHINT)
Modify Automatic Storage Allocation (MODASA)
Modify Exception Description (MODEXCPD)
Modify Invocation Authority Attributes (MODINVAU)
Modify Independent Index (MODINX)
Modify Space Attributes (MODS)
Modify Space Attributes (MODS1)
Modify Space Attributes (MODS2)
Multiply-Add (MPYADD)
Multiply-Subtract (MPYSUB)
Multiply (MULT)
Verify Licensed Internal Code Options (MVLICOPT)
Negate (NEG)
No Operation (NOOP)
No Operation and Skip (NOOPS)
Not (NOT)
NPM Procedure Parameter List Address (NPM_PARMLIST_ADDR)
OPM Parameter Address (OPM_PARM_ADDR)
OPM Parameter Count (OPM_PARM_CNT)
Or (OR)
OR String (ORSTR)
Override Program Attributes (OVRPGATR)
PCO Pointer (PCOPTR)
Return PCO Pointer (PCOPTR2)
X To The Y Power (POWER)
Population Count Bytes (POPCNTB)
Population Count 4 Bytes (POPCNT4)
Population Count 8 Bytes (POPCNT8)
Population Parity 4 Bytes (POPPAR4)
Population Parity 8 Bytes (POPPAR8)
Propagate Byte (PROPB)
Quantize Decimal Floating-Point by Example (QUANTIZEBE)
Quantize Decimal Floating-Point by Value (QUANTIZEBV)
Reallocate Activation Group-Based Heap Space Storage (REALCHSS)
Remainder (REM)
Retrieve Computational Attributes (RETCA)
Retrieve Exception Data (RETEXCPD)
Retrieve Invocation Flags (RETINVF)
Retrieve Teraspace Address From Space Pointer (RETTSADR)
Retrieve Thread Count (RETTHCNT)
Retrieve Thread Identifier (RETTHID)
Reinitialize Static Storage (RINZSTAT)
Remove Independent Index Entry (RMVINXEN)
Resolve Data Pointer (RSLVDP)
Resolve System Pointer (RSLVSP)
Return from Exception (RTNEXCP)
Return External (RTX)
Scale (SCALE)
Scan (SCAN)
Scan with Control (SCANWC)
Scan Extended (SCANX)
Search (SEARCH)
Set Access State (SETACST)
Set Argument List Length (SETALLEN)
Set Bit in String (SETBTS)
Set Computational Attributes (SETCA)
Set Data Pointer (SETDP)
Set Data Pointer Addressability (SETDPADR)
Set Data Pointer Attributes (SETDPAT)
Set Activation Group-Based Heap Space Storage Mark (SETHSSMK)
Set Invocation Exit (SETIEXIT)
Set Invocation Flags (SETINVF)
Set Instruction Pointer (SETIP)
Set System Pointer from Pointer (SETSPFP)
Set Space Pointer (SETSPP)
Set Space Pointer with Displacement (SETSPPD)
Set Space Pointer from Pointer (SETSPPFP)
Set Space Pointer Offset (SETSPPO)
Signal Exception (SIGEXCP)
Sine (SIN)
Sine Hyperbolic (SINH)
Sense Exception Description (SNSEXCPD)
Store and Set Computational Attributes (SSCA)
Store Parameter List Length (STPLLEN)
Compute Length of Null-Terminated String (STRLENNULL)
Compare Null-Terminated Strings Constrained (STRNCMPNULL)
Copy Null-Terminated String Constrained (STRNCPYNULL)
Copy Null-Terminated String Constrained, Null Padded (STRNCPYNULLPAD)
Store Space Pointer Offset (STSPPO)
Subtract Logical Character (SUBLC)
Subtract Numeric (SUBN)
Subtract Space Pointer Offset (SUBSPP)
Subtract Space Pointers For Offset (SUBSPPFO)
Synchronize Shared Storage Accesses (SYNCSTG)
Tangent (TAN)
Tangent Hyperbolic (TANH)
Test Authority (TESTAU)
Test Extended Authorities (TESTEAU)
Test Exception (TESTEXCP)
Test Pending Interrupts (TESTINTR)
Test Performance Data Collection (TESTPDC)
Test Pointer (TESTPTR)
Test and Replace Bytes (TESTRPL)
Test Subset (TESTSUBSET)
Test Temporary Object (TESTTOBJ)
Test User List Authority (TESTULA)
Trim Length (TRIML)
Test Bit in String (TSTBTS)
Test Bits Under Mask (TSTBUM)
Test Initial Thread (TSTINLTH)
Test and Replace Characters (TSTRPLC)
Unlock Teraspace Storage Location (UNLCKTSL)
Unlock Pointer-Based Mutex (UNLKMTX)
Unlock Object (UNLOCK)
Unlock Space Location (UNLOCKSL)
Verify (VERIFY)
Wait On Time (WAITTIME)
Transfer Control (XCTL)
Transfer Object Lock (XFRLOCK)
Translate (XLATE)
Translate Bytes (XLATEB)
Translate Bytes One Byte at a Time (XLATEB1)
Translate Multiple Bytes (XLATEMB)
Translate with Table (XLATEWT)
Translate with Table and DBCS Skip (XLATWTDS)
Exclusive Or (XOR)
XOR (Exclusive Or) String (XORSTR)
Yield (YIELD)