System SSL Properties

A subset of the System SSL attributes can have their properties modified at a system level. This subset of attributes is called System SSL Properties.

System SSL has many attributes that determine how secure environments or secure sessions are created. When an application is developed, the designer makes a choice for the value of each of the attributes. In some cases, the choice is to explicitly set an attribute value to a fixed value. For some attributes, the designer provides a user interface to allow the application administrator to control the attribute value. For a majority of attributes, the designer uses the System SSL default value for an attribute by not having code that changes it. The default attribute value is also used anytime new System SSL attributes are added after the application was compiled.

Like all attributes, the System SSL properties are limited by supported values and default values. Supported values limit the System SSL options for the attribute functionality. Default values determine what happens when the designer does not explicitly set the attribute.

The following System SSL properties can have their default values, supported values, or both changed. Use system values or the System Service Tools (SST) Advanced Analysis Command SSLCONFIG as specified.