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Encrypting the debug listing view

You can store an encrypted version of a debug listing view for a compiled CL procedure in the generated module (*MODULE) object.

You can create a compiler listing view of the ILE CL procedure in a CL module by specifying *LIST for the Debugging view (DBGVIEW) parameter on the Create CL Module (CRTCLMOD) command or the Create Bound CL Program (CRTBNDCL) command. The listing view can make it easy to debug your ILE CL procedures. However, the listing view can be seen by anyone with sufficient authority to the program or service program object that contains the CL module.

Support was added in IBM® i 7.1 to allow you to encrypt the listing view debug data when the ILE CL module is created. You can specify an encryption key value for the Debug encryption key (DBGENCKEY) parameter on the CRTCLMOD and CRTBNDCL commands. When you start a debug session, you are prompted for the encryption key value. If the same value is not specified for the debug session that was specified when the CL module was created, no listing view is shown.

This encrypted debug listing view support allows you to send a program or service program to another system without allowing users on that system to see your CL source code by using the debug listing view. If a problem occurs in the CL procedure, you could sign on to the other system remotely. Once you are signed on to the other system, you can start a debug session and provide the encryption key. Once the encryption key is entered, the listing view data is available for your debug session.

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