Installing service packs on the PC

You can avoid unnecessary calls to service for problems that might already have fixes, and create a more stable operating environment for your IBM® i Access for Windows client by ensuring that you have the most recent service pack.

IBM i Access for Windows incorporates all code fixes into a service pack. The most recent service pack contains all of the fixes from prior service packs in addition to new fixes that are contained in the current service pack. The primary method that the service pack is made available is by packaging the service pack as a PTF.

When a service pack PTF is applied to the Licensed Program 5770-XE1, the original IBM i Access for Windows installation image is updated. Any client that installs from this updated installation image gets the new IBM i Access for Windows release plus the service pack level at the same time.

When your install source directory is set to the IBM i where the PTF is applied, the Check Version function finds the PTF and updates your PC with the fixes. If any System i® Navigator plug-ins have fixes applied in the source directory for the plug-ins, the System i Navigator plug-ins will also be updated.

  • PTFs for System i Navigator plug-ins are provided independently of the IBM i Access for Windows service pack.
  • Only users with administrator security can perform service pack updates.

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