Backup and recovery of configuration and share information

IBM® i NetServer uses files in the integrated file system to store configuration values and share entries. You should back up these files every time you save the entire system and each time you change the administration of IBM i NetServer.

In addition, plan the frequency of your save operations carefully to ensure that you always have a usable backup available if your system should fail.

This is the location of the IBM i NetServer configuration and share data files on the system: /QIBM/UserData/OS400/NetServer.

The following specific files are needed:
  • Qazlscfg: The file contains configuration information.
  • Qazlsshr: The file contains share information.
  • Qazlsextxxx: The file contains text conversion information for a file share, where xxx is a file share name.
Note: The following directory should be backed up if IBM i NetServer is configured as a logon server: /QIBM/UserData/OS400/NetServer/NetLogon.