Journal entry information finder

Use the Journal entry information finder to find information about journal codes and journal entry types.

To find the variable-length portion of the journal entry, search for a specific code or entry type. In the results, the finder provides a link to the variable-length information if it exists for that journal entry.

You can also view the fixed-length portion of the journal entry by selecting one of the types.

Search for journal entry information by selecting a journal code from the list. You can also select to see all journal codes and entries, or only new journal code and entries. If variable-length information exists for a journal entry, the finder provides a link to that information.

Search for information about a journal code or an entry type by letter.

Example: Enter ADP or just DP.
Select a specific journal entry from the list.

Search for information for the fixed-length portion of a journal entry by selecting one of the five layouts from the list.

See the following for more information about journal codes: