Customizing WSCST object of *CTXFORM transform type

You can modify the way the PDF transform maps fonts by customizing your WSCST object of *CTXFORM transform type.

As with the previous WSCST object classes, you can retrieve the source from shipped WSCST objects using the Retrieve WSCST source (RTVWSCST) command, and generate customized versions with the Create WSCST (CRTWSCST) command. Because of the need to support open character strings for many parameters, the source physical file used for WSCST source of this class is encoded in UTF-8 (CCSID 1208). Attempts to use source physical files of a different encoding with either command will fail, and message CPF5D33 or CPF5D34 will be issued.

WSCST Device Class (WSCST ) tag

WSCST objects of this device class are identified by specifying the value CTXFORM in the WSCST tag. This must be the first tag specified in the WSCST source member. The syntax is:


This value indicates that the WSCST object defines configuration information for a transform from the IBM® Transform Services for i licensed program (5770-TS1). This product and the appropriate product option must be installed to use WSCST objects of this type.