Current library

The current library is the library that is specified to be the first user library searched for objects requested by a user. If the user creates objects and specifies *CURLIB, the objects are put in the current library.

Add User prompt:
Default library
CL parameter:

The current library is automatically added to the user’s library list when the user signs on. It does not need to be included in the initial library list in the user’s job description.

The user cannot change the current library if the Limit capabilities field in the user profile is *YES or *PARTIAL.

The topic Library lists provides more information about using library lists and the current library.

Table 1. Possible values for CURLIB:
*CRTDFT This user has no current library. If objects are created using *CURLIB on a create command, the library QGPL is used as the default current library.
current-library-name The name of a library.
Recommendations: Use the Current library field to control where users are allowed to put new objects, such as Query programs. Use the Limit capabilities field to prevent users from changing the current library.