Attention-Key-Handling program

The Attention-key-handling program (ATNPGM) is the program that is called when the user presses the Attention (ATTN) key during an interactive job.

Add User prompt:
Not shown
CL parameter:
10 (program name) 10 (library name)
*USE for program

*EXECUTE for library

The ATNPGM is activated only if the user’s routing program is QCMD. The ATNPGM is activated before the initial program is called. If the initial program changes the ATNPGM, the new ATNPGM remains active only until the initial program ends. If the Set Attention-Key-Handling Program (SETATNPGM) command is run from a command line or an application, the new ATNPGM specified overrides the ATNPGM from the user profile.

Note: See Starting an interactive job for more information about the processing sequence when a user signs on.

The Limit capabilities field determines if a different Attention-key-handling program can be specified by the user with the Change Profile (CHGPRF) command.

Table 1. Possible values for ATNPGM:
*SYSVAL The QATNPGM system value is used.
*NONE No Attention-key-handling program is used by this user.
*ASSIST Operational Assistant Attention Program (QEZMAIN) is used.
program- name Specify the name of the Attention-key-handling program. If a program name is specified, a library must be specified.
Table 2. Possible values for ATNPGM Library:
*LIBL The library list is used to locate the Attention-key-handling program.
*CURLIB The current library for the job is used to locate the Attention-key-handling program. If no current library entry exists in the library list, QGPL is used.
library- name: Specify the library where the Attention-key-handling program is located.