Downloading the IBM Hyper Protect Secure Build image

You can get the IBM Hyper Protect Secure Build (HPSB) image from IBM Passport Advantage.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have a system that meets the requirements as detailed in System requirements.


Complete the following steps.

  1. Log in to the IBM Passport Advantage website by using your IBM account ID and password. Contact your sales representative if you do not have one.

  2. Go to My Programs, select the Hyper Protect Virtual Server program.

  3. Download the image file with this part number M0DPMEN; the name of the downloaded file is IBM_HPSB_OnPrem_v1.3.0.11.tar.gz.

  4. Create a directory to store the Hyper Protect Secure Build image. Change to the directory, and extract the compressed file by using the following commands.

    mkdir /opt/<installation_directory>
    cd /opt/<installation_directory>
    gunzip IBM_HPSB_OnPrem_v1.3.0.11.tar.gz
    tar -xvf IBM_HPSB_OnPrem_v1.3.0.11.tar

    You will get the following files in the current directory:

    • M0DPMEN.tar.gz, the offering image tar file.
    • M0DPMEN.tar.gz.sig, the signature file for the offering image.
    • publickey.pem, the public key to verify the signature.
  5. To verify the integrity of Hyper Protect Secure Build image tar file, run the following example command by using the signature file with the .sig suffix, and the public key file publickey.pem, along with the image tar file.

    openssl dgst -sha256 -verify publickey.pem -signature M0DPMEN.tar.gz.sig M0DPMEN.tar.gz
  6. Extract the compressed tar file by using the following commands.

    cd /opt/<installation_directory>
    tar -xvzf M0DPMEN.tar.gz

    Note: Some of the extracted files are in *.gz format, and they should be used as is and should not be extracted once again.