High availability and disaster recovery

The IBM® Hyper Protect Virtual Servers protects workloads that are deployed on IBM Z/LinuxONE (i.e., s390x architecture) servers in hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. The IBM Hyper Protect Virtual Servers might experience an outage during a disaster scenario. Therefore, you can deploy your workload in an active-active mode across multiple Hyper Protect Virtual Servers instances. The active-active mode ensures an operable workload with fault tolerant virtual servers.

Example workloads that you can deploy in an active-active mode are databases (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, or MySQL), or applications with no local state.

If the latency requirements or types of workload does not allow running in an active-active mode, you can perform regular backups from one virtual server to another instance in a different data center. When a disaster occurs, the amount of data that is lost depends on the frequency of the backups, and the time taken to restore a backup.