Invoking the assembler on CMS

Use the ASMAHL command to invoke and control assembly of assembler source programs on CMS.

The format of the ASMAHL command is:

Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramASMAHL filename (,option)
Is the name of your assembler source program.

Use one of the three methods available for specifying your assembler source program. See Specifying the source file: SYSIN for details on each of these methods.

Represents one or more assembler options, separated by a space or comma, that you want in effect during assembly. These assembler options are equivalent to the options you specify on the PARM parameter of an EXEC job control statement, if you are invoking the assembler on z/OS®.

A complete list and discussion of assembler options can be found under Controlling your assembly with options.

The assembler options in effect are determined by the default options that were set when High Level Assembler was installed, and by the options you specify with the ASMAHL command. There are also several assembler options that can only be specified when running on CMS; see Controlling your assembly.

Synonym for ASMAHL Command: Your installation might have created a synonym for ASMAHL when High Level Assembler was installed. See your system programmer for the specific command name.