Quick Field Minus

The Quick Field Minus keypress can be used with HATS Web applications to speed the entry of negative numeric data for 5250 screens. This keypress clears the current field from the current caret position to end of the field, prepends the field value with a minus sign character (-), and advances the cursor position to the next field. Although this keypress can be used on any field, it is only useful on 5250 signed numeric fields where users might otherwise use a Field Minus. A true Field Minus keypress sends the screen of data to the host and causes the transformation to be redrawn. Therefore, screens requiring many Field Minus aids before being submitted may cause usability issues. The Quick Field Minus keypress, combined with the Alternate way to input negative numbers feature, increases the speed of such applications considerably. Using the Quick Field Minus keypress on fields other than 5250 signed numeric fields may cause improper data entry.

Because rich client applications have a different architecture than Web applications, a Quick Field Minus keypress in rich client applications is not necessary. There is no round-trip delay for a true Field Minus in rich client applications.