Installing GIM and other packages on Linux servers by using the consolidated installer

Use the consolidated installer to install the GIM client and other agents, such as the S-TAP, CAS, and FAM, on the database server, in a one-step process.

Before you begin

Download both the GIM and S-TAP installation packages from Fix Central, and optionally CAS and FAM bundles.

About this task

The consolidated installer is supported on:
  • AIX, Solaris, Linux (Red Hat, Linux for System z)
  • Guardium central managers
  • Guardium stand-alone systems


  1. Use root access and create a directory on the database server.
  2. Copy the shell installers for GIM bundles (for example, BUNDLE_GIM, BUNDLE_STAP, BUNDLE_CAS, BUNDLE_FAM) to the new directory.
  3. Copy the script to the same directory and make sure that this script has the execute permission. (If not, then change it.)
  4. Run the script.
    ./ --installdir <install dir> --tapip <ip or hostname> --gim_sqlguardip <ip or hostname> --perl <perl dir> [--no_ssl][--install_customed_bundles ][--failover_sqlguardip <ip or hostname>][--allow_ip_hostname_combo <0|1>][–auto_set_gim_tapip]
  5. To also install BUNDLE_STAP, add the following parameters: --stap_sqlguardip <ip or hostname> [--load-balancer-ip <load_balancer_ip> --lb-app-group <app_group> --lb-mu-group <mu_group> --lb-num-mus <number_of_mus> --ktap_allow_module_combos --use_discovery <0|1> --privatetapip <tapip>]
  6. To also install BUNDLE_CAS, add the following parameters: [--cas_sqlguardip <ip or hostname> ] --javadir <java directory, excluding the /bin/java from the path>
  7. To also install BUNDLE_FAM, add the following parameters: [--icm_url <icm url>] [--fam_port <fam port>] --fam_source_directories <comma delimited spaces allowed>
  8. After the installation is complete with a successful message, check that the modules are installed on the database server, and that they are running. For example,
    • ps -eaf | grep gim: to check the GIM module
    • ps -eaf | grep modules: to check the all modules
  9. Verify that the modules are running. Go to Reports > Guardium Operational Reports > GIM Installed Modules, and verify that the modules are installed.
  10. Go to Reports > Real-Time Guardium Operational Reports > GIM Events List, and verify status for each GIM bundle installation.


First GIM is installed. GIM looks in the deploy folder for the files, and then installs the other packages, all in the /deploy directory. The S-TAP with all of its components is installed under the guardium installation directory along with the GIM.