CyberArk deployment overview

The datasource credentials, along with access control, dependencies, and work flows are defined in the vault. Each GuardiumĀ® system is then configured to access the vault, and retrieve the stored credentials. After the systems are set up, the passwords can be provisioned and maintained with no manual intervention.

Here is an overview of the work flow that is used to deploy CyberArk:

  1. Set up the vault system on CyberArk. For more information, see Setting up the CyberArk vault system.
  2. Download and install the CyberArk SDK patch. For more information, see Downloading and installing the CyberArk SDK patch.
  3. Install CyberArk on your Guardium system. For more information, see Installing CyberArk.
  4. Configure CyberArk. For more information, see Configuring CyberArk on your Guardium system.
  5. Define datasources by using CyberArk credentials. For more information, see Defining Guardium datasources to access CyberArk.