Windows: When to restart or reboot the database server after installing or upgrading S-TAP

In general, you do not need to reboot the database server after you install or upgrade Windows S-TAP® unless you are upgrading between versions or when stated otherwise in the release notes.

You do not need to reboot for any fresh S-TAP installation.

However, you do need to reboot the database server to update the NmpProxy driver when you upgrade between versions. For example, a reboot is required if you upgrade from Guardium®11.2 to 11.4. However, if there are no issues with your current NmpProxy functionality, you can delay the reboot until the next maintenance cycle.

If you are not certain about reboot requirement for particular version you are using, check with your Technical Support representative. Restart/reboot requirements are the same for GIM and non-GIM implementations.

Reboot database servers only when you need to upgrade the driver.