Kubernetes tab

Enter information required to run External S-TAP® from Kubernetes.

Table 1. Kubernetes tab parameters
Parameter Default Meaning
Cloud provider   To install a cloud-based External S-TAP with Amazon (AWS), IBM (IBM Cloud), or Microsoft (Azure), select a cloud provider. To use an External S-TAP with an on-premises database, leave Cloud provider blank.

For more information about deploying to IBM Cloud, see Step 5 of Deploying External S-TAP from the Guardium UI.

Master URL Required. Established when you provision the Kubernetes cluster.
Note: If the Master URL does not point to a cloud provider, you need to ensure that a load-balancing solution is available.
Token Required. The Kubernetes cluster access token.
Deployment name Required. A user-defined name. The name can contain only lowercase alphanumeric characters and a dash (-). The name must start and end with an alphanumeric character (for example ‘my-name’, or ‘philly-58’).
Namespace default Required. Kubernetes provides a default namespace. Specify default unless you created a namespace for your Kubernetes cluster. For OpenShift, namespace is the same as the project name.