Windows: S-TAP verification

The S-TAP verification process checks several configuration parameters and attempts to connect to the inspection engines.

Before connecting to the database, the verification process checks whether the sniffer process is running on the Guardium® system. The sniffer is responsible for communicating with each S-TAP® and processing the data that is received. If the sniffer is not running, responses from the S-TAP are not recognized.

The verification process attempts to log in to your database's STAP client with an erroneous user ID and password, to verify that this attempt is recognized and communicated to the Guardium system.

Next the verification process checks whether it can connect to the selected inspection engine on the database server. It expects to receive a response that indicates a failed login. If a different response is received, you might have to investigate further.

Some error messages from individual databases do not indicate a specific problem. For example, on several supported databases, the error code returned for a wrong port can also mean that the database itself is not started.