Uploading and managing apps

Deploy your app to one or more Guardium systems, and run and manage your apps.

Before you begin

Do not use the command grd_sdk deploy to deploy your apps in a production environment.
Attention: You may see increased memory use or other system-resource issues when running several apps at the same time.


  1. Navigate to Applications > Application Management
  2. Upload an app.
    1. Click New, browse to and select your app .zip or .gz file.
    2. Enter the user and password. This is the guardium user that runs the app inside Guardium.
      Note: This user must have rights for the actions in the app. Otherwise the app cannot fully execute.
    3. Under Where to install, select one or more GuardiumĀ® systems.
    4. Click Upload.
  3. Assign roles to one or more apps. These roles are the users that view the app output, and should have limited access rights.
    1. Make sure the app (or apps) is stopped, and click Assign roles.
    2. Select the app (or apps) and click Assign roles.
    3. Select the roles and click OK.
  4. Start or stop one or more apps by selecting the app or apps and clicking Start or Stop.
  5. Update to a later version of the app.
    1. Click Update.
    2. Browse to and select the .zip or .gz file.
    3. Enter the same user and password as specified when the app was installed, and click Upload.
    4. Check the installation status in the Status column.
  6. To open the log of actions on one app, select the app and click Action log.
  7. Modify credentials by selecting one or more apps, clicking Update Credentials and entering the new user and password.
  8. To download a CSV of the information in the Application lifecycle page, click Download as CSV.
  9. Optionally, download the log of the app activity by clicking download icon in the Application Log column of the row of the app.