Windows: Uninstalling S-TAP using the command line

You can use the command line to uninstall S-TAP® no matter how it was installed. (For GIM installs, best practice ie to uninstall with GIM.)

About this task

This procedure removes the installed S-TAP while making sure the configuration file is saved for future use.


  1. Log on to the database server system using a system administrator account.
  2. Copy the current S-TAP configuration file to a safe location (a non-Guardium directory). Look for this file in C:Program Files (x86)\IBM\Windows S-TAP\Bin\guard_tap.ini.
  3. Change to the directory containing the S-TAP setup program.
  4. Run the setup program with the following options: setup -UNINSTALL
    Attention: Some files are not fully removed until the next database reboot.