TAP tab

External S-TAPs are designed to use S-TAPs. From the TAP tab, you can set a number of S-TAP®-related parameters.

From the TAP tab, you can set a number of S-TAP-related parameters.

Table 1. TAP tab
Parameter Default Meaning
All can control Not checked For configurations with multiple collectors, specifies whether all collectors can change the configuration or only the primary collector can make changes. The default allows only the primary collector to make changes.
Messages Not checked

Turn remote and syslog messages on or off:

  • Remote: When selected, sends messages to the active Guardium® host.
  • Syslog: When selected, records system messages in the syslog.
Load balancing
Select a load balancing option:
  • 0: No load balancing (default). Traffic is sent to one alive server. The primary server has highest priority.
  • 1: Split sessions between collectors. Traffic is split between servers.
  • 2: Duplicate traffice to all collectors. Traffic is sent to all servers.
  • 4: Split sessions between collectors (multi-threading). Traffic is managed (and split) by multiple S-TAP threads.
Managed units 1 The number of managed units (MUs) to request from the load balancer
Compression level 1 Select the level of data compression between the S-TAP and the collector. Choose a compression level between 1 (none) to 9 (highest).