Stream Guardium data to another application

Use the Data Streaming to send traffic collected by Guardium to another tool for analysis.

About this task


  1. Open the Data Streaming configuration page.
    • To configure a standalone system or a single managed unit in an environment with a central manager, navigate to Setup > Tools and Views > Data Streaming.
    • To configure multiple managed units from a central manager, navigate to Manage > Central Management > Distribute Configuration Profiles and work with a configuration profile where the Configuration type is Data streaming configuration. For more information about configuration profiles, see Working with configuration profiles.
  2. Use the Stream to menu to select a destination for Guardium Data Activity Motoring traffic.
    • IBM Security Guardium is the default behavior: Guardium data is stored locally.
    • IBM Security Guardium Big Data Intelligence sends traffic to Guardium Big Data Intelligence. Data is not stored locally.
    • Datamart for Guardium Insights stores data locally and periodically syncs with IBM Security Guardium Insights.
      Note: Selecting this setting sends traffic to Guardium Insights. Verify that Guardium Insights is configured to receive and analyze traffic from the Guardium system.
  3. Click Save to save the configuration.
    On a standalone system or a single managed unit, the selected settings are immediately enabled. On a central manager, complete the configuration profile and distribute the settings to managed units.