Purging system data

Purging unnecessary data from your stand-alone system can significantly speed up the upgrade process. For best performance and to minimize risks that are associated with upgrading large amounts of data, try to achieve less than 20% internal database utilization by purging unnecessary system data.


  1. Open Manage > Data Management > Data Archive.
  2. Click the Purge checkbox to define a purge operation.
    Important: Changes made to the Data Archive purge configuration is also applied to the Data Export purge configuration.
  3. Define a Purge data older than time period.
    All data older than the specified period of days, weeks, or months are purged from the system.
  4. Click the Allow purge without archiving or exporting checkbox.
  5. Click Save to save the configuration changes.
  6. Click Run Once Now to run the purge operation and purge old system data.

What to do next

Open Manage > Reports > Activity Monitoring > Scheduled Jobs to monitor the status of the data archive job.