License keys

Establishing a functional GuardiumĀ® system requires both a base license and one or more append licenses.

Base and append licenses are described as follows:
  • Base license keys (also known as reset keys) reflect the machine type of the system. For example, establishing collector system requires a collector base license.
  • Append license keys enable specific sets of features. For example, typical data activity monitoring features require a DAM Standard append license. Multiple append licenses can be installed in combination to enable expanded Guardium functionality.
When applying a base license, the machine type is checked to verify compatibility. There are two types of base licenses:
Table 1. Base license types
Base License Type License Description
Collector Collector base licenses are valid for establishing a standalone system or a collector.
Aggregator Aggregator base licenses are valid when establishing an aggegator or a central manager system.
The features available on your Guardium system depend on the append license(s) you have installed. The following append licenses are available and can be used in combination:
Table 2. Append license types
Append License Type License Description
DAM Standard Core functionality for data activity monitoring.
DAM Advanced DAM Standard functionality plus fine-grained access control, masking, quarantine, and blocking (activity terminate).
FAM Standard Core functionality for file activity monitoring.
FAM Advanced FAM Standard functionality plus blocking.
VA Standard Vulnerability assessment plus database protection service (DPS), change audit system (CAS), and database entitlement reporting.

For information about installing Guardium licenses, see Install license keys.