Guardium fails to recognize the network device VMXNET x

If Guardium fails to recognize the network device VMXNET x, install Guardium on a virtual machine and add the network adapter.


Guardium fails to recognize the network device VMXNET x during the installation on VMware. You receive the error eth0: unknown interface: No such device when you install Guardium on VMware as a guest. The error message appears after you restart the system.


VMXNET x virtual network adapter requires a specific driver that is only contained in VMware tools and no operating system has the driver. Guardium is running on Linux and the installer does not have a driver for VMXNET x.


The Guardium system is affected.

Resolving the problem

Resolve the problem by completing the following steps.

  1. Create a virtual machine on VMware by using a default network adapter such as E1000 or Flexible.
  2. Install Guardium on the virtual machine.
  3. Install the current GPU cumulative patch for Guardium.
  4. After the installation, log on to the CLI console and run the command setup vmware_tools install to install VMware tools.
  5. Shut down the Guardium system from the CLI console with the command stop system.
  6. Edit the virtual machine settings with a VMware client tool such as VMware Infrastructure Client. Select the current network adapter and remove it.
  7. Add the network adapter called VMXNET.
  8. Restart the Guardium system.