Cannot configure STAP after upgrade

Configure S-TAP in Guardium after you upgrade S-TAP.


After you upgrade S-TAP using the Guardium Installation Manager (GIM), you cannot configure the database path parameters in the Inspection Engine in Guardium even though the installation results for the module show as successful.


K-TAP is not properly upgraded if the new S-TAP is installed as a fresh module. Because the old K-TAP module is not removed, there is a protocol mismatch between the old K-TAP module and the new S-TAP.


S-TAP installed in UNIX and Linux such as AIX, HP-UX, Linux, and Solaris.

Diagnosing the problem

To diagnose the problem, run the guard_diag utility to collect must gathering data for Guardium S-TAP.

The following lines are seen in the syslog file.

STAP and KTAP Protocol Version Mismatch,
Exit!!!!!: No such file or directory
Tap_controller::init failed
GUARD-01: Error Initializing STap 
The modules log file lists the old K-TAP. For example: ktap_24276 338760 0

Resolving the problem

To resolve the problem, follow these steps in the GIM modules installation pane.

  1. Set K-TAP Live Update to Y.
  2. Set K-TAP_ENABLED to Y and reinstall the new S-TAP.