Backing up your system

System backups store all the necessary data and configuration values to restore your GuardiumĀ® system. Use this procedure to back up your stand-alone system.

Before you begin

Determine whether you have sufficient disk space available for backup.

For a successful backup, ensure that the DB utilization size < available disk space for backup.

You can use the following formula to calculate the disk space available for backup:

Available disk space for backup = free space available in your /var partition - 10% of the total size of your /var partition.

To find the disk size of your /var partition, navigate to Manage > System View > System Monitor. On the Hard Disk Usage tile, click Tabular View to list the values for the total disk size, free disk space, and used disk space for your partitions.


  1. Go to Manage > Data Management > System Backup.
  2. Select the Protocol that you want to use for your backup and enter the configuration details.
  3. Select one or both of the backup options:
    • Select Configuration to back up important definitions.
    • Select Data to back up all data.
    Backing up both configuration and data is recommended for most deployments. In deployments where the data is not needed, for example if the data collected by Guardium is sent to another system for processing, backing up only the configuration and excluding the data is faster and produces a smaller backup file.
    Warning: If data is not backed up, it cannot be restored later.
  4. Click Save to verify and save the configuration changes. The system verifies the configuration by sending a test data file to your chosen location for backup. If the operation fails, the configuration is not saved and an error message is displayed.
  5. Click Run Once Now to run the operation once.

What to do next

Go to Manage > Reports > Data Management > Aggregation/Archive Log. Verify that the operation has Succeeded.