Configuring an SCP or SFTP target for archive or backup

Export by secure copy (SCP) or SFTP (secure file transfer protocol, formerly FTP) are used to archive and backup to the local database server. These options are enabled by default.


  1. In Manage > Data Management > System Backup or Data Archive pages, select SCP or SFTP (Formerly FTP).
  2. Enter the Host - The IP address or hostname of the host to receive the archived data.
  3. Enter the Directory where the data will be stored:
    • For SCP - Specify the directory as an absolute path.
    • For SFTP - Specify the directory relative to the SFTP account home directory.
  4. Enter the Port to use to send files over SCP or SFTP. The default port for SCP, SFTP, or SSH is 22. If the port is set to 0 (zero), the default port is in use (and you do not need to change it).
  5. Enter the Username and Password - Credentials for the user that logs on to the SCP or SFTP server. This user must have write and execute permissions for the directory that is specified in Directory. For Windows, a domain user is accepted with the format of domain\user.
    Attention: For SFTP, the Username value cannot include any of the following characters: ! " $ & ' ( ) ; \ |
  6. Optional: Schedule the backup in the lower part of the page. For more details, see Scheduling.
  7. Click Save.