Configure a Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) archive or backup

Export to TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) is not enabled by default. After you enable TSM, you can configure it for backups. Learn how to enable the service, and understand the configuration parameters that are used in the backup page.

Before you begin

Note: The dsm.sys or dsm.opt file and cert256.arm file must be located in the same directory.

About this task

Certificates are unique and cannot be reused on other Guardium servers.


  1. Enable TSM backup from the Guardium CLI by entering:
    store storage-system TSN backup on
  2. Import the dsm.sys or dsm.opt configuration file by using the CLI command import tsm config.
    Guardium verifies the TSM version.
    Is this Tivoli Storage Manager server <tsm server name> v7.1.8 or newer (y/n)?
    If you are using TSM v7.1.8 or newer, type y. You are prompted to upload the cert256.arm file.
    This appliance requires certificate authentication with <tsm server name>.
    Is server certificate file ~/cert256.arm available now? (y/n)?
    Type y to upload the certificate.
  3. In Manage > Data Management > System Backup, select TSM.
  4. Enter the Password, and reenter:
  5. Select the Server:
  6. Enter As host:
  7. Optional: Schedule the backup in the lower part of the page. For more details, see Scheduling.
  8. Click Save.