Configure an EMC Centera target for archive or backup

Export to EMC Centera is not enabled by default. After you enable EMC Centera, you can configure it for archives and backup. Learn how to enable the service, and understand the configuration parameters that are used in the archive and backup pages.

Before you begin

  • License with username and password from EMC.
  • Establish an account with EMC Centera on the network (requires an IP address and a ClipID)
Note: This procedure also supports Dell EMC ECS 3.5.x for Guardium 11.1 and later.


  1. Enable Centera storage on Guardium® by entering the CLI command:

store storage-system centera backup ON
show storage-system

  1. In Manage > Data Management > System Backup or Data Archive pages, select EMC Centera.
  2. Enter Retention: the number of days to retain the data. The maximum is 24855 (68 years). If you want to save it for longer, you can restore the data later and save it again.
  3. Enter Centera Pool Address: the Centera Pool Connection String; for example:, txt. This IP address and the .pea file come from EMC Centera.  The question mark is required in the path. The .../var/centera/... path name is important as the backup might fail if the path name is not followed. The .pea file gives permissions, username, and password authentication per Centera backup request.
  4. Click Upload PEA File to upload a Centera .pea file to be used for the connection string. If the message Cannot open the pool at this address.. appears, check the size of the Guardium system hostname.
  5. Optional: Schedule the backup in the lower part of the page. For more details, see Scheduling.
  6. Click Save.