Installing CAS from the CLI

Use the command line interface (CLI) to create scripts that are useful for managing large Configuration Auditing System (CAS) deployments.

To install CAS from the command line, call setup.exe with the appropriate parameters, as follows:
Setup.exe -PARAMETER value
Note: Use a space between each parameter and value pair. Do not use an equal sign (=).

The following parameters are available:

Table 1. Parameters that require an input value.
Parameter Description
-INSTALLPATH The installation directory. The default installation path is "C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM®\CAS"
-APPLIANCE Required. Set the appliance address to which CAS connects.
-LOCALIP Required. The IP address of the server where you are installing CAS.
-CUSTOMER Sets the customer name in the registry.
-COMPANY Sets the company name in registry.
-SERVICEUSER Specifies a user to run the service under.
-SERVICEPASSWORD The password for the service user.
Table 2. Parameters that do not require a value
Parameter Description
-INSTALLERLOGPATH Specifies the location for storing the CAS installer log files. Use this parameter if you want don't want to use the default location (C:\Program Files\IBM\Windows CAS).
-UNATTENDED Required. Install silently.
-UNINSTALL Uninstall the CAS.
-JVM Specifies the directory where jvm.dll can be found. If no value is provided, then the installer tries to find jvm.dll automatically. Check the installation log for file detection results.
For example, to install CAS in unattended mode, create a command similar to the following command: