Create, run, package, and deploy your app

The GuardiumĀ® application framework comes with its own software development kit (SDK).

Use the Guardium Application Framework software development kit (SDK) to do the following application development tasks:

Create a development workspace

The Guardium Application Framework SDK installs a development workspace that has a sample application that you use as a template to build your own application.

Run your app locally for test purposes

You don't need to upload your application code to a live Guardium system to test your app. The Guardium application framework SDK includes a virtual development environment that you can use to run your application locally.

If your app uses Guardium API endpoints, you can configure the virtual environment to connect to the API on the Guardium system and test locally. You do not need to upload to Guardium.

Package your app

The Guardium Application Framework SDK includes a packaging utility that you use to create an archive (.zip file) that contains your application files.

Deploy your app to Guardium

The Guardium Application Framework SDK includes a deployment utility that you can use to upload your packaged app directly to a live Guardium system.