Ad-hoc process for run once now

This process creates and runs an ad-hoc audit process report.

About this task

The behavior of this process is as follows:

  1. If a new process, one or a number of email receivers can be created in the list (if any) with a content type as indicated in the emailContentType parameter. It also creates a user receiver for the user logged in (invoking the API) if the includeUserReceiver parameter is true.
  2. If an existing process, all email receivers are removed and replaced with the emails from the new list (if any) with the content type as defined in the emailContentType parameter. If the list is empty, it removes all email address receivers. If there is already a receiver for the user it is NOT even if the includeUserreceiver is false, however if the parameter is true and there is no such receiver then it is added.

Once the audit process is generated it automatically executes (similar to a Run Once Now) and users should expect an item on their to-do list for that audit process. The GuardAPI that creates ad hoc audit process keeps results to 7 days (instead of 1 day). Results are deleted after 7 days. For further information on parameters, see the GuardAPI command, create_ad_hoc_audit_and_run_once, in the GuardAPI Input Generation help topic.


  1. Click the Ad-hoc process for Run Once Now icon Ad-hoc process for Run Once Now.
  2. In the Ad-hoc dialog, fill in as relevant, then click OK.
    • Email Addresses: comma separated list of email addresses.
    • Content type for email receiver: PDF or CSV (a radio button 0 - PDF / 1 -CSV)
    • Add user as Receiver (check box)