Schedules installation for all the modules or bundles that are assigned to a client, but are not yet installed.

Schedules the installation of modules or bundles that are, for example, in a PENDING state. If you specify the module parameter , only the requested module is scheduled.
Note: Schedule a past date to run the job immediately.

This API is available in Guardium V9.5 and later.

REST API syntax

This API is available as a REST service with the PUT method. Call this API as follows:
PUT https://[Guardium hostname or IP address]:8443/restAPI/gim_schedule_install

GuardAPI syntax

gim_schedule_install parameter=value


Parameter Value type Description
clientIP String Required.
date String Required. The installation date in the format now or yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm
module String If module is not specified, all of the modules for the specified clientIP are scheduled for installation.


Schedule an installation for one or more modules.

grdapi gim_schedule_install clientIP= module=BUNDLE-STAP  date=”2019-07-02 14:50”   
grdapi gim_schedule_install clientIP= date=”2019-07-02 14:50”