This API removes access for non-admin users to view attributes for certain groups in Query-Report Builder.

Within Query-Report Builder, admin users can see all attributes while non-admin users can view only query attributes, except attributes that are designated as admin only (such as IDs). Use disable_special_attributes to disallow non-admin users to view all of the attributes within a specified attributesGroup.

Note: When an attribute group is disabled, all of the attributes within that group are unavailable to no-admin users.

This API is available in Guardium V9.5 and later.

GuardAPI syntax

disable_special_attributes parameter=value


Parameter Value type Description
attributesGroup String Required. Valid values:
  • data set
  • ims
  • hive
  • apex
  • mapreduce
  • bi
  • ims/data set
  • f5
  • db2 i


The following example disables Hive attributes for all non-admin users:

grdapi disable_special_attributes attributesGroup=hive
Sample output
> grdapi enable_special_attributes attributesGroup=hive
Following Attributes have been Disabled: Hive Parsed SQL, Hive User, Hive Command, Hive Database, 
Hive Table Name, Hive Error