This command modifies a user-defined and predefined file data mart export.

This API is available in Guardium V9.5 and later.

REST API syntax

This API is available as a REST service with the PUT method. Call this API as follows:
PUT https://[Guardium hostname or IP address]:8443/restAPI/datamart_update_copy_file_info

GuardAPI syntax

datamart_update_copy_file_info parameter=value


Parameter Value type Description
destinationHost String Required. Hostname of target server.
destinationPassword String Required. Required if you are using a username and password for authentication. Password for the user specified by destinationUser.
destinationPath String Required. Path to location to store the data mart extraction.
destinationPort String Required. The port number for the destination.
destinationUser String Required. User with write access to the destination path.
failoverDestinationHost string If the export to destinationHost fails, then Guardium attempts to export the files to failoverDestinationHost. destinationHost and failoverDestinationHost must have the same credentials and path (destinationPath). The output to get_datamart_info shows the server to which results were last sent.
Name String Required. Data mart name
transferMethod String Required. Valid values:
  • SCP
  • FTP
validate Boolean Valid values:
  • 0 (false)
  • 1 (true)

Default = 1 (true)

withCOMPLETEfile Boolean A complete file is sent after a data file is successfully transferred. Valid values:
  • 0 (false): The marker file is not sent and the data file is prefixed with "DMv2_". For example: DMv2_vmappibm_EXP_SYSTEM_INFO_20170508150000.gz
  • 1 (true): Two files are sent, one with data and another empty file with the word COMPLETE in it. The second file is a marker that the result is complete. The format of the file name is <global prefix ID>_<appliance name>_<datamart name>_<timestamp>.gz, for example: 1234567890123456789_vmappibm_EXP_SYSTEM_INFO_20170508150000.gz2.

Default = 1 (true)


To update the Export:Session Log transfer method to SCP:

grdapi datamart_update_copy_file_info destinationHost=server22 destinationPassword=passpass destinationPath=<destination server> destinationUser=useruser
Name="Export:Session Log" transferMethod=SCP