This command creates and manages data mart bundles for user-defined and predefined file data marts.

This API is available in Guardium V9.5 and later.

REST API syntax

This API is available as a REST service with the PUT method. Call this API as follows:
PUT https://[Guardium hostname or IP address]:8443/restAPI/datamart_copy_file_bundle

GuardAPI syntax

datamart_copy_file_bundle parameter=value


Parameter Value type Description
action String Required. Valid values:
  • create: creates a bundle
  • delete: deletes a bundle
  • include: adds a data mart to a bundle
  • exclude: removes a data mart from a bundle
  • info: returns details on a bundle
bundle_name String Required for all actions. Name of the bundle.
datamart_name String Required when action=include or exclude. The name of the data mart.
main_datamart_name String Required when action=create. The name of the main data mart. The main data mart must have the latest scheduled extraction time of all the data marts in the bundle, so that it can include all the other data marts' latest extracts.


This example crates a bundle named DMbundle33, with a main data mart of Export:Access Log.

datamart_copy_file_bundle action=create bundle_name=DMbundle33 main_datamart_name="Export:Access Log"

This example adds the Export:Outliers List data mart to the bundle DMbundle33.

datamart_copy_file_bundle action=include bundle_name= datamart_name="Export:Outliers List"