This command creates an ad hoc online report in JSON format.

This API is available in Guardium V9.5 and later.

This command is available only as a REST API command.


Parameter Value type Description
reportName String Required. For valid values, call create_online_report from the command line with --help=true.
indexFrom Integer  
reportParameter String  
fetchSize Integer  
sortColumn String  
sortType String  
showAll Boolean Valid values:
  • 0 (false)
  • 1 (true)
showIndirect Boolean Valid values:
  • 0 (false)
  • 1 (true)


The following example creates an online Installed Policy Details report to find the currently installed policy:
POST https://[Guardium hostname or IP address]:8443/restAPI/online_report \
{"reportName":"Installed Policy Details","indexFrom":"1", \
"reportParameter":{"QUERY_FROM_DATE":"NOW -1 DAY", \