This command configures multi-factor authentication.

Before you run this command, you must define the applications and users in your authentication application (DUO).

This API is available in Guardium V11.2 and later.

REST API syntax

This API is available as a REST service with the POST method. Call this API as follows:
POST https://[Guardium hostname or IP address]:8443/restAPI/configure_mfa

GuardAPI syntax

configure_mfa parameter=value


Parameter Value type Description
apiHost String The API host string (from DUO).
enable Boolean Required. Valid values:
  • false: Disable multi-factor authentication.
  • true: Enable multi-factor authentication.
exemptUsers String A comma-separated list of users to exempt from secondary authentication. You cannot exempt administrative OS (SSH) users.
iKey String DUO only. The integration key.
loginPath String Required. Determines whether to provide multi-factor authentication to the Guardium GUI, CLI, or SSH. Valid values:
  • GUI: Guardium GUI
  • SET_GUIUSER: Guardium CLI
  • SSH: Guardium administrative OS users (cli and guardcli1 - guardcli5) who log in to the CLI via SSH.
mfaType String Required. The authentication type. The only valid value is DUO.
sKey String DUO only. The secret key (from DUO).
api_target_host String

Specifies the target hosts where the API executes. Valid values:
  • all_managed: execute on all managed units but not the central manager
  • all: execute on all managed units and the central manager
  • group:<group name>: execute on all managed units identified by <group name>
  • host name or IP address of a managed unit: specified from the central manager to execute on a managed unit.  For example, api_target_host=
  • host name or IP address of the central manager: specified from a managed unit to execute on the central manager. For example, api_target_host=

IP addresses must conform to the IP mode of your network. For dual IP mode, use the same IP protocol with which the managed unit is registered with the central manager. For example, if the registration uses IPv6, specify an IPv6 address. The hostname is independent of IP mode and can be used with any mode.

GuardAPI examples

This example configures multi-factor authentication for the Guardium GUI.

grdapi configure_mfa loginPath=GUI mfaType=DUO exemptUsers="admin, accessmgr" enable=true iKey=DIATOT8H1OXXXX sKey=2gMRXVj2iQXXXX
This example configures MFA for Guardium CLI users.
grdapi configure_mfa loginPath=SET_GUIUSER mfaType=DUO exemptUsers="admin, accessmgr" enable=true iKey=DINT141B9I2N91SXXXXX sKey=3gMRXVj2iQXXXX
This example disables MFA for Guardium SSH users.
grdapi configure_mfa loginPath=SSH mfaType=DUO enable=false