Linux-UNIX: Stopping S-TAP using GIM

With GIM, you can stop the S-TAP® without logging into the database server.

About this task

Use the following steps to change the STAP_ENABLED parameter and stop the S-TAP on the database server.


  1. Navigate to Manage > Module Installation > Set up by Client.
  2. In the Choose bundle section, select your S-TAP bundle. Click Next.
    After selecting a software bundle, the Selected bundle action column indicates the action that will be performed for each client. You can stop the S-TAPs that have the status Update parameters.
  3. In the Choose parameters section, type STAP_ENABLED and type in the value 0. Click Next.
  4. Click OK to stop the S-TAP now, or use the date picker icon to schedule the stop time, then click OK.