Protocol 8 Guardium Hosts (SQLGuard) parameters

These parameters describe a Guardium system to which this S-TAP can connect. All parameters in this section are basic, and appear in the [SQL_GUARD] section.

GUI GIM guard_tap.ini Default value Description
check mark(checkmark indicates the primary host)   PRIMARY   Indicates the primary Guardium system for this S-TAP. In guard_tap.ini: 0=secondary, 1=primary
    TAP_GUARD_TCP_PORT 9800 Read only. Port used for S-TAP to connect to Guardium system.
Guardium Host WINSTAP_SQLGUARD_IP SQLGUARD_IP NULL IP address or hostname of the Guardium system that acts as the host for the S-TAP. You can define multiple hosts by adding [SQLGuard_1], [SQLGuard_2], and so on.

SQLGUARD_IP and SOFTWARE_TAP_HOST must be both either IPv4 or IPv6. Do not mix IP modes for these addresses.