Linux-UNIX: Sybase-specific guardctl parameters

Use these guardctl parameters when configuring A-TAP for a Sybase database.

Sybase required parameters


/usr/local/guardium/guard_stap/guardctl --db-user=sybase15 --db-type=sybase --db-instance=sn57rh7x --db-version=15 store-conf

Note: Hyphen and underscore are interchangeable in the guardctl parameters.
Required Parameter Value How to determine  
db_home Points to where the database is installed Same as db_base The basis for how we look for the DB binary. It can usually use the value of db_base, though it's immediately apparent when activating if it's wrong (guardctl complains about not finding the DB binary)
db_instance Sybase instance name Sybase Server instance name. This parameter is used to name the ATAP instance within guardctl.  
db_tcp_max_port 0 to any integer High end of TCP port range to intercept. Use real IPs.  
db_tcp_min_port 0 to any integer Low end of TCP port range to intercept. Use real IPs.  
db_type sybase  
db_user Sybase user name The database instance user name. Use the value of the guard_tap.ini parameter: db_user  
db_version The database version As Sybase user:

> select @@version

> go


Sybase optional parameters

Optional parameter Value How to determine When is it required
db_base Database instance user home directory DB instance user home directory. this needs to match db_install_dir in some IE in the guard_tap.ini. Do not use the ~DB_USER shortcut, use the full path instead. If you aren't specifying db_home separately, use the value for db_base as the value for db_home.
db_bits 32 or 64 DB instance architecture (32 for 32-bit, 64 for 64-bit) Required only if A-TAP is not able to recognize the architecture.
-db-tcp-intercepted-ports 0 to any integer TCP ports to intercept Specifies whether you want the real IP reported for encrypted sessions. There are potential performance impacts in this mode, and an added complication to the A-TAP setup by specifying this port. Leave blank to use the non-specific IP mode. This parameter is mutually exclusive with db_tcp_min_port and db_tcp_max_port parameters.
db-tcp-max-associate-time-ms 1 to any integer   Ensure this parameter hsa a value. Otherwise it might drop some database connections for concurrent sessions. Default = 2500