Linux-UNIX: Greenplum-specific guardctl parameters

Use these guardctl parameters when configuring A-TAP for a Greenplum database.

Important: When A-TAP is configured, blocking (S - GATE) and redaction are not supported.

Greenplum required parameters


/opt/guardium/guard_stap/guardctl --db-type=greenplum --db-home=/usr/local/greenplum-db- --db-user=gpadmin --db-instance=greenplum --db-base=/usr/local/greenplum-db- activate

Note: Hyphen and underscore are interchangeable in the guardctl parameters.
Required Parameter Value How to determine
db_base Database instance user home directory Required when db_user is different than the OS user for the DB. In this case, the db_base value should be set also in the guard_tap.ini parameter db_install_dir, for the corresponding Inspection Engine.
db_home Path where the database is installed.  
db_instance Greenplum instance name User-defined string that identifies this instance
db_type Greenplum
db_user Greenplum user name OS user for the database .or user that owns the process for the database executable