Linux-UNIX: Debug parameters

These parameters affect the behavior of S-TAP debugging.

Attention: These are advanced parameters and should be modified only by IBM Technical Support.
These parameters are in the [TAP] section on the guard_tap.ini file.
Table 1. S-TAP configuration parameters for debugging
GUI GIM guard_tap.ini Default value Description
Messages Syslog STAP_SYSLOG_MESSAGES syslog_messages 1 Send messages to syslog. Valid values:
  • 0: do not send messages
  • 1: send messages to syslog
    tap_debug_output_level 0 S-TAP® logs level. Logs are stderr.txt, guard_stap.fam.txt located in the directory specified in tap_log_dir parameter (by default: /tmp/guard_stap). Valid values:
  • 0: Disable
  • 1: Basic debug
  • 4: Verbose debug
  • 6: Appserver debug
  • 10: Exit engine debug. Debug information is logged in both S-TAP log and db2_exit log (db2diag.log).
  • 11: exit engine debug. Debug information is only logged in db2_exit log (db2diag.log).
Messages Remote STAP_REMOTE_MESSAGES remote_messages 1 Send messages to the active Guardium host. Valid values:
  • 0: Do not send messages
  • 1: Send messages to the active Guardium system.