Linux-UNIX: Db2-specific guardctl parameters

Use these guardctl parameters when configuring A-TAP for a Db2 database, Linux only.

Db2 (Linux only) required parameters


/usr/local/guardium/guard_stap/guardctl --db-user=db2inst1 --db-type=db2 --db-instance=dn0rh7x6 --db-version=10.5 store-conf

The script, located in stap_directory/bin, outputs what the Db2 shared memory parameters defined in the Inspection Engines should be. Execute it either as root or Db2 user, using the syntax: <instance name>. You can run it from any directory.

Note: Hyphen and underscore are interchangeable in the guardctl parameters.
Required Parameter Value How to determine
db_user Db2 username Points to the DB instance user name
db_instance Db2 instance name $ db2 LIST DATABASE DIRECTORY
db_type db2
db_version The database version As Db2 user: $ db2level

Db2 (Linux only) optional parameters

Optional Parameter Value How to determine When is it required
db_home Path where the DB version is installed Same as db_base
db_base Database instance user home directory Value for db_base must match the correct path DB instance user home directory. It cannot be ~DB_USER. Where db_base is not same as db_home
db_bits 32 or 64 DB instance architecture (32 for 32-bit, 64 for 64-bit) Required only if A-TAP is not able to recognize the architecture.
db2_shmsize 131072 Db2 shared memory size When the value is different than the default
db2_c2soffset 61440 Db2 shared memory client area offset When the value is different than the default
db2_header_offset 20 Db2 shared memory header offset When the value is different than the default