Linux-UNIX: Configuration Auditing System (CAS) parameters

These parameters affect the behavior of CAS.

Table 1. CAS parameters for UNIX/Linux
GUI guard_tap.ini Default value Description
Task checkpoint cas_task_checkpoint task_checkpoint  
Client checkpoint cas_client_checkpoint client_checkpoint  
Checkpoint period cas_checkpoint_period 60  
Fail over file cas_fail_over_file fail_over_file  
Fail over file size limit cas_fail_over_file_size_limit 50000  
Max rec. attempts cas_max_reconnect_attempts 5000  
Reconnect interval cas_reconnect_interval 60  
Raw data limit cas_raw_data_limit 1000  
Md5 data limit cas_md5_size_limit 1000  
  cas_command_wait 300 Wait time in seconds before killing a long-running data collection process.
  cas_server_failover_delay 60 Wait time in minutes before trying to connect to another Guardium system.
Table 2. Deprecated guardtap.ini parameters