Running Query Monitor

The Running Query Monitor displays the status of active user queries, and enables you to set a timeout value for all Report/Monitor queries.

Open the Running Query Monitor by clicking Manage > Activity Monitoring > Running Query Monitor.

From the Running Query Monitor, you can:
  • Set the query timeout for all reports and monitors that are running in a portlet. Other query processes, such as policy simulations, audit processes, and internal processes are not affected by this timeout value. The default is 180 seconds (3 minutes).
  • Kill any currently running user query. Some queries that are listed in this panel–audit processes, for example–can exceed the query timeout specified. That is expected, because the Report/Monitor query timeout applies only to reports and monitors running in a portlet.

We do not recommend setting the Query Timeout higher than the default setting (180 seconds) for an extended time. If you set this limit higher, it increases the chances of overloading the system with ad-hoc reporting activity.

To change the timeout setting, type a number of seconds in the Report/Monitor Query Timeout (seconds), and click Update. You will be informed when the update finishes.