Linux-UNIX: Preparing for A-TAP configuration and maintenance

Configuring and maintaining A-TAP requires coordination with both the database and system administrators.

To configure and activate A-TAP, the following authorities are needed:
  • Either root access on the database server, or the database user.
  • Authority to stop and restart the database

In addition, you must work with the DBA to get the required parameters to input into the utility. Details of the needed parameters are in Linux-UNIX: Database-specific guardctl parameters. For ongoing maintenance, your organization must have documented procedures in place to handle the activation and deactivation of A-TAP during OS and database upgrades. See Linux-UNIX: A-TAP activate, deactivate and DB stop, restart guidelines. For clustered environments, you need to configure and activate A-TAP on all nodes.

In most cases, use the Guardium guardctl utililty to activate, upgrade, or deactivate A-TAP. See Linux-UNIX: guardctl utility commands for A-TAP for details on the syntax and options of the guardctl utility.

Before you begin:
  • Make sure that the S-TAP is installed and K-TAP is enabled.
  • Ensure that you have the root privileges on the database server.
  • Consult Linux-UNIX: Database-specific guardctl parameters for your database to ensure you have the parameters you need to run the utility.