Linux-UNIX: Deactivating A-TAP

You must deactivate A-TAP before upgrading the database OS. You also need to deactivate the ATAPs before upgrading or uninstalling STAP (whether or not it's installed via GIM, RPM, or shell installer).

About this task


  1. Make sure the database is stopped. Log off from all active database sessions.
  2. Deactivate A-TAP for the database:
    general example
    <guardium_base>/xxx/guardctl –db-instance=<instance-name> deactivate
    Greenplum example
    /opt/guardium/guard_stap/guardctl --db-instance=<instance-name> deactivate
  3. Alternately, deactivate all active instances by running:
    <guardium_base>/xxx/guardctl deactivate-all