Implementing Central Management in a New Installation

Make one Machine the Central Manager, use the same shared secret, register units, and group managed units.

Make one machine the Central Manager

The first thing is to make one machine into a Central Manager. Select a machine. Then, complete the following steps.

  1. Log in to the CLI of the Machine that you want to make the Central Manager.
  2. Enter store unit type manager. This step makes the machine a Central Manager; however, it is not yet managing anything.

Use the Same Shared Secret

After you have a Central Manager, you must connect the other machines into a Central Management system. For security reasons, it is a requirement that the communications between the machines be encrypted by using the same shared secret. To do this step, do the following action items.

  1. Click Setup > Tools and Views > System to open System.
  2. Set the shared secret to the same string on all systems.